Why choose 121Driving.


10 reasons to choose 121 Driving


As you know there are lots of driving schools ,these are some of the reasons that set us apart from other schools.


  1.  Most of the large driving schools i.e. BSM, Red, Bill Plant etc have a large percentage of trainee instructors who are not fully qualified and have little experience.

  2. The larger driving schools usually charge more because of their higher overheads and longer distance travelling times

  3. Our prices are competitive although you can find cheaper lessons with other driving schools this may be because some other instructors struggle to get customers due to their attitude towards pupils or poor reliability among other reasons.

  4. Most of our customers come from previous customer recommendations.

  5. The car is modern reliable and well maintained.

  6.  We focus on the Meadowfield and Darlington test centres all of the test routes are known and covered during driving lessons.

  7. When learning to drive confidence plays a big part , if your instructor shouts at you or does not encourage you it will reduce your confidence therefore we promise no shouting and a lot of encouragement.

  8. We are reliable and punctual

  9. Nine out of ten people who pass their test first time have learned to drive with an approved driving instructor.

  10. We will also make sure you have the skills you need to drive confidently after you pass your test.





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